Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Randomness to the max...

Oh, and some happenings with me today that personify randomness to the max:

  • Opened my food drawer, saw a packet of microwave popcorn and thought of nuking them. Then decided was too tired, and as I was closing the drawer, smelled fresh popcorns being made...weird coz' the kitchen is far far away from my office
  • Noticed a tall huge man in a very "interesting" grey and white wooly hairy long coat while walking towards work in the morning...and hello, saw the same man in his wooly hair long coat while walking towards Path in the evening (trust me, this has never happened before, and I've never seen that man before in the area)
  • In the train, saw a woman with a really nice bag (actually noticed the bag first, and, then the woman) didn't think much after that and got lost in my thoughts. Then when I was taking the elevator to my apartment, the bag appeared again in front of me, along with same woman attached to it...errr I mean the other way around :)

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