Monday, January 11, 2010

A few things

A few things:

  • My knees froze today. And, so did my fingers, my cheeks and my nose. Silly me, wore skirt today
  • I'll admit it, my jacket smelt of sabzi aka Indian food today. Realized it when I was stuck with a million people in the train car and I felt sooo embarrassed because I know how awful that is when I smell it on someone else 
  • Saw a woman wearing the same exact winter boots as me - same color, model and everything
  • Had a ho-hum day at work so day dreamed a bit about my career...ooh, it felt good being an MD
  • Sneakly peeked at my fellow passenger's gossip magazine in the train, and read up quite a bit 
  • Caught up reading on Havi's blog - and then felt like life is indeed good and the world a better place..
  • Kept dreaming of choux pastry, which I intend to bake soon...yummm :)
Just a few things on a Monday...


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