Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to ask the right questions and promote business

Ok, this is not a "10 steps to a smart business" or "7 ways you can earn more" type of high pitch article. And, no I am not selling you anything. Just yet.

When I last mentioned Oleg Mahkov, I didn't even know that I would ever get to speak to him. But, within a few days, I found myself talking to him for an hour discussing tools for better business promotion, how to make a positive difference in life and pretty much everything about the concept of "maximization". Our conversation opened new doors of perspectives for me and I am truly thankful to him for that enlightenment.
As you know, Banno Raani is a brand new experience for Shikha and I. Well, almost brand new. With the type of busy lives that we lead, we also need to stay committed to the growth and expansion of the boutique. While we are constantly looking for avenues and ways to promote, we only know so much. So, when I read about "free consultation" on Oleg's website, I immediately knew what I had to do next - Ask for the opportunity to be considered for the free consultation - and, that's exactly what I did. I then got a response back from him saying that I had snagged one of the five limited seats he had - and my day was made! We decided on a time and date to discuss the questions/challenges I was facing, and I knew things would never be the same again.

So, now that I am a richer person (ok, ok, intellectually only - but, so what) I would like to share with you some of the ways Oleg helped in tackling the issues and the suggestions he offered. So, if you already have a business and want to break the mold or are thinking about setting up a business and want to know more or are simply in the same boat as as me, then read on:
{Oh, and some of these can be applied to life in general -- I mean who doesn't have issues, right?}


 - The first step is to know what is that you are looking to gain out of your business. Is it profit, breaking even,  having more clients, having a web presence, etc. Not all can be gained at the same time because prioritizing is important. Therefore, truly understand what is your "immediate" must have and then accept that as your priority # 1; number them consequently until you know the order of your wish list. It may sound all cumbersome and boring, but trust me it is simple and important. Best way to get this list is by having a discussion with someone you can talk business with or simply can trust. Sit down with them and just have a debate. Chances are talking with them will allow you to truly have an "out of mind" type of experience and you will be able to look at your objective from a new angle - the perfect new angle :)
 - Once you know your priority # 1, figure out what's delaying you from getting there. What can you do differently to attain that? Example: For Banno Raani, having a social network and more presence is priority # 1 and what is holding Shikha and I back are our busy daily (yes, rather very social) lives. We just cannot shirk our normal workloads and family get-togethers to focus on growing Banno Raani. Not good. So, now, we will dedicate atleast one hour a week (hope to keep increasing that gradually) at PR and publicity efforts. We will find new avenues and forums to spread the word on Banno Raani

And, this is how you isolate the real issues from not so real or not so critical ones. Trust me, having an understanding of your priorities and your shortcomings will definitely make it very easy for you to work on them and eventually produce warm and fuzzy results. Always know that not everything can be a priority or else you will feel overwhelmed and will find it hard to focus on all of them - and you know what happens when you get a feeling like that, don't you?

Hope this little article helpful. Conversation with Oleg truly helped me, and if you want to talk to him as well, by all means reach out to him via his website or just click on his name above!


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