Friday, January 8, 2010

Earn it and Sparky Firepants

Today, a white Mercedes Benz just whisked in front of me and it caught me off guard - well almost. As soon as I managed to restore my balance, my eyes fell upon the number plate as the car was flying away towards the horizon. It read "EARNS IT" - not "MR SPDY" or "SHOWOFF" but "EARNS IT". I laughed out. Why? Because it reminded me of an awesome blog post that I had read recently which talked about success and the different perceptions of it. Now, I have no excuse but to share this post with you because hey, we all need perspective, right? Sometimes that comes of our own calling, sometimes you have to look for it and sometimes it is just provided to you.

So, I'll start with the excerpt of the post that I had read, you know, just to get your interest and then send you the way of this fabulous fabulous website that's all about realizing your potential, being creative, and dealing with the hum-drums of life - all while saving the earth from one more soul who feels he/she cannot be the best that he/she is meant to be :)

"I once saw a bumper sticker on a new Mercedes that said “This is what success looks like.” My first, purely visceral thought was, Man, I am so getting a Mercedes like that. My second thought was, what kind of dunderhead slaps a cheap bumper sticker on such a fine automobile? So it occurred to me that people spell success very differently from one another. And of course, broadcast it differently, too. Ahem." 
".... First, I don’t even want to say what I made last year. It was low, okay? If I hadn’t started with a hefty savings account, I would have folded in my third month.My revenue for next year (as in what’s in the pipeline) is already more than what I made this year. Already. It’s not even January yet. My revenue goal is significantly higher. See? This is how it works, people. I started with my own capital. I had very few connections. I had no idea what running my own business would be like. I quit my job before I got started. I learned quite a few lessons the hard way. See, if I blog about my six-figure income in two years without having posted this first, people will think it came out of nowhere or it was easy. It didn’t. It wasn’t."

Want to read more? Click and follow SPARKY FIREPANTS

Oh, and while you are there, just hang out on his website a little while longer and be inspired with all the cool topics he talks about. I love it and am now a follower! 

Firepants rocks!


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