Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aha! Moment and the new personality

Styling is very important. Be it brand styling, product styling or even personal styling. While on my blogging expedition, I recently came across a shoot that seemed to have nailed everything - I mean the model was perfect, the location, the hair, makeup, photography - all colliding to make for an awesomely styled brand image. I couldn't help but share the following images with you because these will definitely blow you away, and will give you that kick to actually get up, open up your closet and dig out that tiered skirt even though its -2F outside :)

And, the Aha! moment of the evening (following up from my previous post):  In addition to sharing with you Banno Raani's awesome collection, personal knick-knacks of my life, and other important stuff (which, I currently do), I will now be leveraging this platform to share with you luxe and unique design, fashion, styling and other pretty things that I come across...hoping these things will make your heart flutter and eyes sparkle with wonder!! And this, my darlings, is the new element to the Banno Raani blog brand...venturing out and bringing to you more that the world of internet, design, fashion has to offer. Ahem, kinda' like taking my personal interests to the next level too :)

Ok, on to the images already...bohemian didn't look this pretty before. Very light and airy, the silhouttes' a lot more slimmer and this classy styling would be perfect for the coming summer (oh, summer, how far are you from now?)...



Hoping you guys are as excited as I am with adding this whole new personality to this blog..if there are any suggestions, etc please feel free to email.


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