Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Open letter to my lovelies...

Sometimes I am so busy and so lost in my world that I forget to acknowledge and respond to those around me. But, once I snap out of my cocoon, I eventually realize my error and then  I feel really really bad. So, to make up for this shortfall, I am writing an open letter to all whose hello or smile I may have not returned inadvertently. Here goes…

Dear Lovely People,
I don’t intend to ever disrespect you or make you feel as if I did not see you. Well, ofcourse, my not seeing you doesn’t make you invisible, but still. I apologize for coming across rude or weird (depending how you look at it) for not saying my usual “hiii!!!!” (yes, precisely with these many exclamations) and embracing you and your presence. Its just that my synthetic world had me occupied tad more than I would have liked it to. I adore you and it matters to me that you feel loved and respected. Hence, this open admittance of my fault. 

Hope you would have forgiven me by now.

Lots of love, hugs and hii!!!! (for the lost ones)
Shivika J

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