Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Banno Raani value proposition

Why should businesses exist? What should be the key word in their mission statement? What would make one set-up better than the other?
These are some of the questions that I always ponder over in order to justify what I am offering with Banno Raani. Questions like, Why should someone buy earrings from Banno Raani and not from any other vendor or jewelry house? What does Banno Raani offer that others' cannot offer at a better price? 
Well, I've been a reading a lot of business books (you know I breathe books - don't you?) in trying to understand the core of business, marketing and economy. And, I am more than willing to share this knowledge with you.
So, to answer the question - why Banno Raani, here's why:

  • We provide value - we understand the hardwork behind every dollar you earn and want to make sure it goes into something that will make you happy, make you feel good and most of all make you feel pretty!
  • We provide luxe experience - right from the display trays sparkling with Banno Raani goodies that take your breath away to the shopping bag with the Banno Raani goodies that you walk away with, we work hard to give you a fabulous buying experience (I am sure our current clients would agree with everything from our presentation to packaging)
  • We differentiate on our products - we offer only unique and elegant styles that fit your trendy lifestyle
  • We care about how you feel when you pick up that Meena Panna earring or when you try on our Mughal Charm masterpiece and shriek in delight. Yes, we sprinkle love over everything we do and sell
Hoping this declaration of our goals was helpful - and I am very comfortable  sharing such knowledge with all of you, if it helps in any capacity. So, next time someone asks you why they should do business with your or why pick your firm over another, well make sure you can tell them exactly why with one magic word - value!

And in the spirit of sharing, here's a look at one of our earrings that will make you go "oooh, now I want that" : )


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