Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photographer finally!

Remember how I keep harping about my photography passion, and how I want to take it to another level? Well, I have been getting opportunities to take pictures at events and birthday celebrations, and so I am one big happy camper. Ok, not big as in BIG, but you get the point? (yeah, what a lame pj, but blame it on afternoon drag).
Anywho, remember also I told you about visiting my cousin in VA to celebrate his son's first birthday? Say hello to the official photographer of the!! Oh, I was super psyched when Renu (my sil) asked me to be the photographer for the party because she liked my style. I had such fun shooting people...with my camera, and catching them in their most natural state. Ok, I will stop blah-blahing about how good I am and let you see for yourself...and, ofcourse comments and email hugs are more than welcome!! Here we go...

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