Thursday, June 17, 2010

Of Silly thoughts and Crazy shock~

So I prepared myself a very delicious, a very healthy vegetable soup. Very easy too. Just take spinach, potato, carrot, tomato, ginger, and boil all of them together. When they are soft and done, grind them to a thin paste in the mixer - add salt and little lemon juice and while serving add a little wedge of butter. Voila! You have the most delish soup evah! Really.
Oh, I get distracted so easily. What I was trying to say was that as I got ready to enjoy the yumm soup, I thought sipping it while sitting on the sofa and watching just a little bit of food network would take the experience to the whole next level. Alright, so I pour the soup in a soup bowl and sit with it on my white sofa. Now, I just had a fleeting thought of how my sofa would look like if I accidentally dropped the soup on it. Yes, just a fleeting thought. This kinda' scared me so I ran to get a plate to keep under the bowl because I didn't want the soup bowl to slip from my hand in the event it got a little hot for me to hold (the soup was boiling, I tell you). Ah, mission accomplished and I sat on the sofa with a huge grin on my face, and ready to savor the delicious dish. I took a sip and swooned - it was that good. Then the phone rang and I placed the soup bowl+plate on the arm of my sofa and ran to get the phone. It was ma, spoke to her for few minutes and then was back to enoy my soupy soup!
As I picked up the plate, the bowl twisted and turned, and just as I thought the worst was over...BAM! went the soup on my sofa. Oh God!! I was paralyzed for like 5 seconds, and I didn't know what to do. I kept looking at the huge spill on the sofa, then at the soup bowl and then up at the ceiling and I kept doing this for few seconds not knowing what to do. Oh, lovelies, I was paralyzed with fear, with regret, with anger. And then it struck me that I had to do something, so I ran got Shout from the closet and scrubbed the hell out of the sofa stain. I scrubbed so religiously as if my life depended on it.  oooh, what an ordeal. After like eons, I finally sat down in peace and calm, and finished my soup. This time, I sat on the floor (we have floor seating) and drank my soup like a nice girl.

So, when I think back on this incident, I can't imagine how utterly shocked I was that I couldn't even move. This is probably what feels like when people say that their mind stops working when they face their fear or whatever. And, I can confirm that this is soo true. Plus, AARGHH!! no, make that double AARRGH! for my stupid thought prior to the spill. If I hadn't thought it, it wouldn't have happened! Verrry important to have good thoughts!!

UPDATE: There is a very light stain now, but its there and it glares back at me reminding me of my silly thoughts, and my crazy shock!

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