Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ombre Magnificence

I couldn't sleep last night and so I found myself awake (with groggy eyes ofcourse) at 4:50 am. Yes, exactly that time as I looked at the alarm clock when my sleep betrayed me. And, as I looked outside my window at the horizon, my eyes popped open wide. Before me lay an ombre magnificence of peachy yellow, orange in the sky with a deep contrast to baby blue strokes in river. It was just stunning. The sun had just started to peep out of Manhattan skyline and the whole sky radiated in the fresh, untouched splendor of morning light. Ooh, it was such a beautiful scene that I stood by the window trying to understand how does nature do this every single day. Every single day, lovelies!! And, then as if my mind had enough distractions, my eyes started to get groggy and loopy again. And, within seconds I was snor...errr sleeping! I tell you I had the most beautiful sleep ever with rainbow colored dreams made of forests with deep blue foilage and animals that look like peaches and oranges. Wonder where these came from??? :)


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