Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All for my dreams...

My brain is frozen. Yes, like the one you get when you sip on your slushee drink a bit too fast. Oh, the pain for that few seconds is like a severe migrane attack, but the taste in the mouth is so sweet, its almost like enduring sweet pain!

Anyways, I guess my brain is also fried. Like a shrimp tempura - nice and crispy. Have been looking like craaazy for an event space to host Banno Raani's Summer Extravaganza and its has been a process, I tell you. At first, it was like doing tele marketing - making cold calls to all the places I could to find out about availability and pricing, but now, I have kinda gotten used to it so I am not shy in reaching out to scour places. Its a lot of work people, and it can drain your enthusiasm...but, I am hangin' because I am always reminded why I resigned - to pursue my dreams  - so I cannot backout now. I am blessed to be doing what I love, and nothing will faze me! Hang in there with me...won't you? :)


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