Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Great day

Doesn't help to pass around inspirational readings, so here I am sharing one with you:

You have the power to visualize. And what you intensely and persistently visualize, you will create.
Before you can go where you want to go, you must know exactly where that is. Seeing the destination clearly and in rich detail puts you well on the way there.
See it in your mind, and you'll move naturally, vigorously and effectively toward it in your life. Fill your awareness with the substance of your dreams, and those dreams begin their transformation into reality.
Visualization not only enables you to clearly see what you wish to do. It also gets you to profoundly feel the reason why.
For you can do more than imagine how you wish to feel. You can go ahead and feel now how it will feel to reach your dream.
Know what you want, and you're on your way there. Visualize how it will be, feel how it will feel, and make yourself unstoppable.
-- Ralph Marston

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