Thursday, June 10, 2010

They sky, the air, the sun

I have been walking regularly these days, you know, to keep my curves under control, but today was a beautiful day to walk. Not that every other day isn't, but the sky, the air, the sun were extra lovely today. I took my usual route and noticed that the sky was a deep hue of gray, as if there was a major smoke building up, but the air was crisp, warm and cold, like a fudge ice cream with nuts. As I was turning the corner of the walkway, I noticed that the grey clouds were colliding rather urgently with each other and I knew what was in store next. But, I kept walking, sipping from the water bottle I held in the right hand.

The sun sparkled like a huge amber crystal on the left side of me, while the grey smoky clouds slow danced on my right side. And, here I was walking in the middle of this spectacle with nothing but my thoughts and feelings...and oh, the water bottle ofcourse. Just as I was contemplating my dreams, the clouds decided to lighten up a bit and drop their heavy weight. I still kept walking. The left side of my face was hot from the smoldering sun, while the left side was drenched in the runny rain falling like a marathon runner. I tell you it was truly beautiful.

But, soon the grey clouds gulped the sun and it all came down like one giant shower. I thought to myself, I can take this. Its not that cold and the water feels good on my skin, so keep walking. And, I did. But as if on queue, the rain stopped, and a out of nowhere, a rainbow emerged in the sky. My heart jumped with joy, almost like a kid, and I almost screamed "Look everyone - a Rainbow" but instead I went by the water and stood there, staring and admiring another spectacle of nature and just reveling in the joy of it all. The sky, the air, the sun!


  1. love how you put your thoughts into words!!!

  2. thanks deepa! love that you enjoy it much :)



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