Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My heart skipped a beat when I came across their website. Oh, how I wished Kartik would buy me every little thing on this website! :)

I am talking about Fragonard! It is a  French perfume house founded in 1926 by Eugene Fuchs. Eugene was so enamored by the art of perfumery that he decided to launch the concept of retailing perfumery products to new tourists flocking and exploring the French Rivera. He named the business after the famous Grasse-born painter, Jean Honore-Fragonard.

Personally, the products at Fragonard have a lot of character and charm and make for a good gift for a special someone -- or if you like to splurge on yourself a little! Very reasonably priced for the elegance they exude.
Really, the choices are immense - from perfumes to cosmetics to soaps to home scents. The collection will mesmerize and confuse you - you know, in deciding how pick just one from so many delightful things!
A sample of their collection is below...but, more can be found at their website FRAGONARD


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