Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day love

I love Valentine's Day for what it represents, but I am totally against the commercialism (if you will) that goes on this day. I mean flowers for $500 when they normally cost $5...ridiculous, right? So, I never prompt Kartik to treat me to flowers and chocolates on this day...too cliche and too boring. I am more touched my the simple things he does for me instead.
For instance, for Valentine's today he made me paneer parantha for breakfast - yup, and right from scratch. He knead the dough, grated paneer and put all the masala in it. Oh, and ofcourse with yogurt, pickle and a nice cuppa' tea - just the way I like it! :) Now, this is more real and more heart warming, isn't it? With every bite of his hand made yummy paneer parantha, I melted into his warm fuzzy love. Thank you my sweet hubby - Valentine's more meaningful and fun with you!

And, ofcourse, hoping this sweet day brings the same warmth and fuzziness of love and smiles in your lives too... :)

This gorgeous painting is by Iranian artist, Sarah Fagani. She is known to use bold colors and exuberant style, so check out more of her work at


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