Friday, February 19, 2010

Not so bummed anymore

Remember, I was so bummed out when I found I could not locate my poems I had submitted online. Well, hello hello, guess someone heard my woes because I finally found them!! Yes, hidden in the folds of gazillions internet pages, my poems rested like a precious pearl, and all I had to do was scratch and scratch...err, I mean search and search. The site had them all this while but had indexed somewhere cooky.
Anyhow, I would love to share all of my poems with you, but here's one for now:

Perennial Legacy
Snowfall of its own kind,
Crunchy leaves.
Beauty of it all, pillages me.
Nature is to happiness what I is to admirer.
Constant gaze and fixation betray my concealed intentions
Smiley eyes, Zen ears, placid mouth
All copulate to deliver an enchanted mind.
This is life, etc.


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