Thursday, February 4, 2010

The luggage saga

So, how frustrating is to have your laptop stolen by airport or airline staff while you are traveling? Very...
That's exactly what happened to my dad. He was traveling to Houston from JFK and when he reached Houston, and wanted to use his laptop for some research, he could not even find the ghost of the stolen laptop in his suitcase, plus, some of his new shirts were missing too!
Now, this is wrong at so many levels. You think you're stuff is safe at least in the confines of a world-class international airport or a reputed airlines. But, no! You are mistaken!
We tried in vain to contact JetBlue time and again and it felt like chasing a tail. We kept coming back to the original number we dialed and it had zero capacity for voicemail.
Finally, tired of the chase game, I wrote to and got an "out of office" reply saying that they are looking into the matter, and if no response, the email submission would be deleted in 50 days. Weird! But, they had a number listed below and I dialed it. Somebody must be smoking something there because they ended up picking up the phone and I actually got to speak to a live person! Without wasting too much time, I gave her the whole spiel and she asked me to file a "courtesy" complaint with baggage services. And, that's what I did next.
SO, WHAT"S THE STATUS: Still waiting for any response from JetBlue or JFK to respond, investigate and apologize for this theft. If you know of a better way to handle this, please comment or email - would love to get any suggestions! Thank you!

To humor...{image courtesy: flickr/fuffer}

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