Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wind beneath my wings

So, Feb has come to an end, and if you recall here, I had laid out some goals for myself for this month, and I wanted to share with you how I fared on them. Let's do a round up, shall we?
  • I finished reading all the six books I set out to read, and infact I finished a seventh one (not on the agenda) - The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilberts. Blown away - yes, that's what I was!!
  • Did not rewrite Banno Raani's business plan, although have been working really hard to shape up this blog into something more - so, more work to do on that 
  • Instead of contacting a student photographer for creating Banno Raani's look book, I have been working on learning photography myself. There is so much to learn, but I am getting there. I am scoping online tutorials designed specifically for my camera, so I can understand technicalities better and then have also joined info sharing photography sites like Hey, if you are interested, then you can do it too!
  • There are some things at work at my current job. Can't say much at this time, but I am working on it with my manager
  • Yup, this I did not wait too much on. I always calculate how much I spend each day (breakfast, lunch, book buying, shopping expenses - all included) and then make sure that I am saving double at least. Kartik and I are working on some investment strategies at the moment - and will share with you more once finalized
  • Made yumm choux pastry, and ate it like a hungry starved human...finally!! 
  • Yes, meditated and loved it. Well, meditated my style, I mean I could sit still for 20 minutes but with my mind buzzing like a busy traffic highway. So, lot more work on that!
  • Nope - just can't open my eyelids at 6 am - tried but can't! I mean I got up today at 11am!! BEAT that!
  • Waiting for a good book shelf. Looking to buy - any suggestions?
So, people, here I am, ready to move on to the next month - have so much to accomplish! Little by little, yes, little by little, I gather the wind beneath my wings : ) Oooh,  look at me, going all philosophical!

Anyways, have a wonderful week ahead!


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