Thursday, February 11, 2010

Supposed to be on vacation

Kartik and I were supposed to be on vacation starting today, but the darn snow ruined it all. Instead were at work. How divine? :) So, refusing the vacation buzz to leave me, I forced Kartik to take me out to dinner. We ended up at a rather warm and cozy Mexican restaurant in Hoboken, and, I ate and ate and ate. Every crumbly leftover of tortilla chips was licked out by me as if I had been starving for months. I am sure I ticked off my fellow diners, but who cares, I was on vacation - err, I felt I was on vacation!

Although I am not there, I would still like to share with you the location where I would have been lazing around in a swimsuit and SPF 70 instead of 40 layers of wool and tons of cold cream!

Laiya Beach, San Juan - Batangas

Oh, Cheers!

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