Monday, February 1, 2010

Yeay - fabulous Feb!

I love February - its a short sweet month with sooo much to offer - oh, and not to forget that it brings us one step closer to spring!!
Because its a new month, I am all inspired to check off my huge To-Do List, and what makes it easier and doable is when I write it down (remember, I spoke to you about the power of the written word). Well, well, let's get to a version 1.1 of my list (trust me, it goes through six-seven versions before I feel good about it). So, here we go:

  • Finish off the six books I ordered (The White Tiger, Love is a Killer App, People of the Book, Eat Pray Love, Lion Among Men, Ignore Everybody)
  • Re-write Banno Raani's business plan
  • Contact potential student photographers to develop Banno Raani's look book - why a student photographer? Well, hello, budget!!
  • Research options on alternate working environment and strategies - will most definitely share them with you
  • Continue to be mindful of my spending habits (on unnecessary stuff, that is) and  increase my savings rate by researching few investment vehicles (stocks, index funds, long  CD should I buy??)
  • Make Choux pastry (I mentioned this few blogs ago, but honestly haven't had a chance to do anything about it)
  • Take the first step towards meditating
  • Start getting up at 6am - everyday even on weekends (yes, yes,)
  • Clean up my closet and find a book shelf to put all those books lying in my closet (oh, I am soo lazy sometimes)
Hmm..a few things may come on or off from this list...but, this is pretty decent, don't you think?

And, in the spirit of Feb bringing us closer to spring, I came across these pics and everything about them made me smile and scream "perfect" - I mean look at them!!

And, before I leave, here's to a wonderful productive month ahead! If you haven't already, just grab a scrap of paper or tissue (if thats all you can find) and make your list (even one item list is a list, people!) and enjoy the feeling of crossing it off. Trust me, its addictive!


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