Wednesday, February 17, 2010

O you Little Doggy

Sometimes all we need is an example or an illustration of how life should be. Because we get so lost in the cacophony of our thoughts (negative and positive) and our personal issues, we don't even take a small breath of hope to realize the indeed life is that amazing - if only we let it be!
Today, I got one such tender reminder.  While standing at the curb, and deciding which direction to go in (is it uptown or east side or west side - conundrums of a New Yorker!!) I saw this really old lady with her groceries spilling from a black rickety carrier. A loaf of fresh bread lay on the top, wrapped in a translucent wrapper with $3.99 printed on it. The bread looked delicious. The next thing I knew, a man with 2 dogs just floated between us. One of the dogs was this huge hairy ball types, standing right next to the lady's cart and sniffing the bread. I tell you, the dog's nose almost touched the bread - it was that close and sniffing. I was ready to hear screams and anger from the old lady, but instead smile and laughter spewed from her direction. She started talking to the dog, while the dog walker apologized. She probably did not hear him and instead kept speaking to the dog, "Yes, fresh bread. O you little doggy, I am sure you would like to have a slice, yess, fresh bread" and that was it. The dog was clueless, as he probably usually is, but the lady was all merry.
So, what's the lesson here? That we should not get riled up about little or big inconveniences - instead, we should just take a deep breath and smile, and voila, the situation will automatically look trivial. Umm, saying "o you little doogy" can help too! :)


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