Saturday, February 13, 2010

Perfectly dressed gentleman

As much as I love photos of gorgeous woman's fashion spreads, I am also fond of men's fashion. Something about clean lines, serious colors (occasionally fun tones too), origami folds of collars and lapels of men's clothing makes for a rather amusing sight.
Now, I always get to see woman fashion being translated from magazines to streets. I mean, there are women in real life who look and dress as if they just walked out of a fashion shoot. So, its really no big deal when I see them, and when I do I just roll my eyes and pretend I can do better -- umm yeah, that's jealousy talking!
Ok, so while my fashion antenna does not buzz when I see a woman dressed to the nines - regularly - I am more than mesmerized when I see a man dressed to the tens in awesomeness, in real life. That's exactly what happened when I chanced upon Mr Barbera's picture in the super fashion blog - The Sartorialist. I just cannot help sharing his impeccable dressing sense with you -- see it for yourself..

How divine are those shoes, jacket and gloves - everything just comes together perfectly for this gentleman!


{images courtesy: The Sartorialist blog}

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