Wednesday, February 24, 2010

..In all their scanned glory

I've been saving these for a while...well not in the "oh, I won't share these, these are all mine" way, but more "I hope I can get off my lazy ass and just scan them" way. The minute I laid my hands on the bridal edition of Vogue India,  I knew the following images would make for a good inspiration board or a treat for viewing pleasure - I mean who doesn't love leafing through glorious pages of cascading lehengas, jewelry bling, or simply fashion. So, here they all their scanned glory.

Here we go lovelies... enjoy! {click on the images for a larger size}

How gorgeous is this tomato red! Great for wowing at any party

Love the elegance of cream with all the maddening zari and stone work

You can never go wrong with orange...burnt orange at that!

Just wear a plain outfit, and blind everyone with that clutch!

Love the color explosion here..the hint of lime green is just perfect

Candy pick and tulle!! Dream of a princess come true..

Unique combination - I think matching a nice fitted blazer with lehenga could be the next big trend! love it!!

Ahem, bazillion $$ anyone?? uber glam, and totally need & want!


{PS: There will be also some more pages that I will share with you in the coming days, and a very cool concept that I will (try to) build along with the images. So, watch out for more...and hope I don't make you wait forever :) }

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  1. good stuff, thank you for sharing



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