Thursday, June 4, 2009

B cards

Me thinks Kartik and I are the only dorky ones around here, who still remember to celebrate our monthly wedding anniversary!! But, dorky-porky- I love sending and receiving sweet nothings on this special occasion and it really peps me up for the day...what to do, am your dorky senti girl!!! : )

Anyhow, I have a super cool juciy news for all -- our business cards are here!! yeay!! Well, I love the color and the font, and will be uploading a pic soon -- but, wanted to share this as soon I regained myself from a swoon-worthy experience. I know, like Shikha and me, you all have been waiting for the "whats' next and what's new" update!! So here it is -- we'll be flashing one of those now...hehehehh ;p

And, thank you for all your support as always ~

special hugs on this special day!!


UPDATE: A special shout out to the people at who made the entire experience of picking a design to editing business cards to actually having the business card a dream. The website is very slick and is soo no non-sense and no cheesy flashing ads. There are categories to choose a design theme from, and there are oh! so many! The customer service is exactly what it is supposed to be : prompt, courteous and responsive.
A sincere thank you for giving us the business card of our choice -- its very special as its our first ever!!

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