Saturday, June 6, 2009

MKZ and Shiny Toy Guns

Have you seen the new Lincoln MKZ ads -- each ad has shots of car in multi angles, with focus on its new features, against the backdrop of catchy songs. My recent favorite song is by Shiny Toy Guns -- Major Tom (coming home). You can listen it here, and go crazy!! Like I am right now...
" beloww us...drifffting, faaalling.." Love it love it!!

Ok, back to the point I was getting to. The songs are such a strong element of this Lincoln ad, that when you see the car and the background music playing, you almost picture yourself driving the car and being this major super star. Its that effective! The ad compelled me to proclaim to my husband (with a sense of urgency), "I want that car" - to ME!! A person, who wouldn't be caught making such bold statements unless she knows she cannot breathe another moment without the object in question. And, trust me, the list of things that I cannnot breathe without is definitely a concise one. What this points to is the power of marketing and packaging. It is very important to capture the sentiments of the prospective buyers such that they want to buy your product -- and, buy it now.

Part of Shikha and my endeavor is to hone up on our marketing skills. Like novice business owners, we have little or no experience with product placement/promotion, and since we understand how critical it can be to the success of our business, we are strategising (here's the word again...) on what our mojo will be. We are searching the internet and are visiting businesses with similar product lines to understand how they do, and what we can do differently.
Again, creativity is the key to this -- so, yes, we are experimenting with quite a few ideas of our own...will let you know once we can put some words around them : )

And, now, as promised last time, here are a couple of shots of our business cards. Rejoice, my friends, this is step # 1 of us zooming from a dream to reality!! : )

Pic 1 (above): a close up shot of the business card

Pic 2 (above): front and back of the card



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