Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Of broken glasses and weird looks from women

It was one of those feelings, one of those moods, where I just couldn't be myself - the happy, funny, silly me. And you know the worst part, that feeling was coming from my stomach, wait, or was it from underneath my stomach? Either ways, I was bummed and couldn't find a way to get over this feeling. And, because I was busy at work that day, I couldn't really find out why I was having this insane humming from my body. Seriously, if feelings had a sound, it would "hmmmmmmm."

So, as I was traveling back home on the subway, I was glad I had this time to disect, bisect and inspect what was going on with me? On a better day, subways for me are like sophisticated (and stinky) nap machines - you get on station A at 0.00hrs and you get off at station B at 0.40hrs - all for a million sweet zzzzzzzs :)

Back to what I was saying - I tried putting as much thought and energy as I could - and just as it happens with thoughts - they were going all over the place. Could it be something I ate - could it from that weird look that woman gave me - could it be from that broken glass I found on the road - could it be that something bad will happen and I am getting a signal???. And, so it went people.

We as humans have a tendency to make associative memory - we associate one thing as a cause of another and yet another thing as an effect. So, basically, unconsciously, I associated the broken glass I saw with omen - and that got hammered a little more when a random woman gave me a weird look. But, why would my mind go like that? The answer is, because it can. It is used to making associations throughout our lives - it catches such inferences from tv shows where they show if Joe (making up) had a question in his mind and he turned and saw a red traffic signal - that 'that' was the sign from God or from old tales that our grandparents told us about how when they sprinkled salt before they left the house, the evil spirits wouldn't touch them! In essence, we are never free and will always need the security of a ground to walk on.

Then few days ago I found this email in my inbox, which completely blew me away because it brought me closer to the answers I was searching for, and I couldn't wait to share it with you. Its a daily mail that I subscribe from Neal Donald Walsch's website. The email goes:

On this day of your life, Shivika, I believe God wants you to know...

...that it would not be beneficial to believe your Mind on matters that are very important to you.

Your Mind can base its conclusions only on Past Data that it has collected during your present experience of Physicalization. It has no knowledge of things existing through all Eternity.

In order to access data having to do with Who You Really Are, and why any particular thing is occurring, you would have to have access to data from outside your present Time Line. This data is only accessible through your soul. It appears in your life as a "knowing." Trust this.

Love, Your Friend....

Have such experiences you would like to share? Please - bring em' on : )


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