Wednesday, June 17, 2009

great day

This is my first. Really, this is my first. The first time I am blogging before leaving for work. How cool is that?
Ok, since I am a human, every now and then I get moments where I am not in a happy place and need something to cheer me up. And one day, when a similar feeling was creeping on me at work, I begged the internet to show me a relief. And it did. In the form of this awesomely incredible website. I love this website so much that I cannot go on without visiting it once everyday. It inspires me and makes me feel like the king of my own life, even when things seem to be going out of control. The site is called GREAT DAY --> go ahead and click on it will be soo happy that you did.
And, that's precisely why I am blogging this early - because I wanted to share this beautiful inspiration with you for those unwelcome knocks on your life


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