Friday, June 12, 2009

best blog

I have been going zonky (not sure what you get if you google this word, but this word aptly describes my state of mind, with some serious sound effects please) trying to get "inspired" for the upliftment of this blog - so I have turned to my good ol' friend - Monsieur Internet. I have been all over the world by massaging the keyboard with a fervor intent - trying to find out the answer to "what makes for a good blog?" And, then my eyes just gleamed with joy when I found an article, aptly titled "Times Best Blog of 2009" Oh, Lord, have mercy!! This was the perfect thing, and I was in a happy, cozy, comforting nook in the world! : )

You know what I did next --> I went like jockey on a horse towards the finish line - and pretty much scoured all the top blogs. I was impressed by most, surprised by some, and then disappointed by a few. But, I am happy I got my answer. I will tell you in 5 seconds, what that is.

5-4-3-2-1..... (my fingers and brain need this break people)

Blogging to me is opening my dreams, my aspirations, my soul to all ---> frosted sweetly with the intention of sharing insight that someone in the same boat as me could use. So, yes, the top element of a good blog is, i.e., # 1 is content. What is written has to resonate with the common folks; they should be able to understand what is being said, have a few laughs, and just enjoy themselves when investing their precious time reading page number 1,000,000,000 on the internet -- and the kicker -- that they always come back to this page number for more!

Now, I am a very visual person -- details matter to me. So, the presentation of the content becomes the next big thing, i.e., # 2 is style. What I noticed on all the top blogs of 2009 was their style was very basic vanilla -- literally. I was actually surprised by this finding because I went in thinking the blogs would be this cool flash loaded pages - but no. My fears of being a plain jane with my blog have been quelled for the time being until I find a style that truly speaks to me.

ah, the beauty of objectification...

Pretty much these 2 simple points form the crux of a good blog, and I am so glad I invested the precious hours after work (when your mind has already said its "peace out" and the eyes are next to go) to get to the bottom of it all.

I will say this for sure -the focus of Banno Raani would always be to deliver on its promise of documenting a dream being realized (top blog win or no top blog win) -- and even if I have to jazz it up with flowers or flash - I will leave no html unturned (I know its a bit dorky, but...)

Hugs galore!


  1. nice blog - keep it up. one day we sure hope to see your blog listed in the top blog list.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hey.banno ranni...very well written n expressed ..
    “Some people want it to happen,
    some wish it would happen,
    others make it happen.”
    all the best :))



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