Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Crystal Glove is gone

Michael Jackson is no more. Wait, I need to double check this sentence for I cannot fathom the reality in this. It's like I have lost my childhood memory - poof, gone like that! I am so sad, that I almost choked when I tried to put my feelings about this news in perspective.

Shikha and I were his great fans, grew up on his songs and admired him as a performer. We would go nuts with the moon walk, we would let our hair fly in the wind like his in the "Black or White" video - not as cool though (side note: we were incredibly proud of him for including India's classical dance in his B&W video). We even asked our grandma to knit us that one white glove, with crystals on it. You see, you weren't really a superstar without the crystal glove.
And, now our crystal glove is gone.
MJ can easily be designated as the talent of the century and will truly be missed. May his soul find the peace he truly deserved.

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