Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yup - the research is going on to make the blog better and more interesting. While that continues in the background, I wanted to share this thought blurb with you that I found scribbled in my notebook. Have absolutely no idea what my mind was going through then or where I was, but I found it to be kinda' sweet and so, wanted to share with you (because I am not tampering with the original, please ignore if there are any grammatical whoopsies!! : ) )

"It is not the beauty of the place, but the people in that space that make all the difference. Laughter, smiles, arguments, hey, even disses morph into the lilting tunes emanating from a piano. That, my friend, is pure beauty and nothing can replace it. Thank you for all the beauty around me; beauty in my freedom and beauty of my dreams coming true. Yeay to that!"


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