Monday, June 29, 2009

Wishful Monday

It was a hectic day at work, and I had quite a few deliverables. But, I could not stop myself from wishing. Wishing for my computer to crash, so I could just sit idly and wish some more. Wishing for my life to reboot just like the computer. Wishing for an escape to the mountains where the trees would give me wings to fly like a free bird in the misty air. Wishing for an instant swap of my old handbag for a spanking new Cole Haan bag....and so, my wishing went.

Therefore, I have decided that every Monday I will present to you The Wish List (wanted to be creative with the title, but after chowing down dumplings, fried rice and chicken with basil and chilli, my mind refuses to budge). Things, situations, ideas, whatever is on my mind as a wish, will find itself tethered to the words on this blog. Fair?

On a side note, Shikha and Dhruv are in Vegas enjoying their "us" time and also celebrating their second wedding anniversary.

I wish Kartik and I were also off to a place far far away...oh, wait I have some more wishing to do now.... : )


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