Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grand Day

So, I am at Shikha's place today, and we just finished opening the shipment of our first order (before we opened the box, we said a little prayer and thanked God for this opportunity). We started at 10 in the morning, and its already 1 in the afternoon. And, mind you, all we have done is just open and inspect the order we received. And, guess what we found - yes, some pieces were damaged. It happens, I know, but it still makes you go "oh-o!" So, after we are done tallying up how much is good vs. how much is bad, the real work will start then. Taking a lunch break now...will post more later, and share some pics as well of this Grand Day!


UPDATE: We sorted out the items we need to send back and have taken a count of what we will keep. Next, we need to develop pricing of each product and also create an invite for the launch event. So many exciting things to do. You know, it is really a lot of hard work, but since this is a passion, it doesn't seem like that and time just flies when you love what you do, right?
Here are some pics I took of the eventful day that it was:

Before we start any work, we always take blessings of our God (Hindu tradition), so here we are taking blessings on our first shipment

Shikha going at it - opening the box

These are stacks of boxes with our jewelry in them -- cool!! : )

I took a shot of one of our earring styles -- nice, na?

Hope you enjoyed as much as we did : )


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