Monday, August 17, 2009

Accidents...and the Wish List

Kartik was trying to find his gym gloves. He searched everywhere, in the closet, underneath the mattress, inside the kitchen cabinet (?), but just couldn't find them. I caught him zooming from one end of the room to another, while I lazily read my book. It was a hot summer day, and you couldn't pay me a million dollars to even lift my lil' pinky finger, so getting up to assist wasn't in my dictionary that day.

But, my eyes kept following his moving image like a kid follows the end of a laser light. After it became apparent that he couldn't find it, I shouted "coat closet" and that was it. He opened the coat closet and gave out a huge sigh of relief...and I did the same. Well, while retrieving those gloves, he accidentally knocked off the room freshner (pot pourri one) -- phash! it came to a crashing halt on the floor. The little aromatic beads spread everywhere and it truly became messy. Now, clean freak me, would have gotten up immediately and vacuumed the entire area in a jiffy, but I didn't do that. Instead, I just looked at those beads and noticed how beautiful they shone in that blistering sunlight coming through partially closed blinds. I noticed how all of a sudden the entire house smelled of freshly cut lavender, which transported me to a Parisian world of my own. Everything was just perfect and it didn't look like a mess at all. Kartik offered to clean up, but I said no, I will do go ahead with your gym.

This made me think - lil' accidents do happen for a reason, and instead of frowning and wasting energy on loathing questions like, "why did this happen" or "how clumsy can I/you be" or just being angry at it, if we just try to focus on the positive side, then we can make our lives easier, healthier and yeah, longer. Instead of building up "what if" scenarios, we should just let the situation pass by, and then look at the situation in front of us, from a happier and positive perspective.

Well, yes, its natural to be upset by accidents because they are totally unexpected and also because you don't know how to deal with the aftermath. But, what can make dealing with the unknown or the aftermath bearable is knowing that everything was, and is fine. Period. Nothing is lost (know in your heart that this is the ultimate truth) and if anything, things will be better from this point on. Yeah, believe me, it is that straightforward and there is no other complexity to it.

So, you probably want to know what happened after I inhaled all the lavenderness around me. Umm...I just went back to reading, and enjoyed the characters of my novel even more. It was as if they had a whiff of the sweet smell too. Then I got up, took the broom, and cleaned the area, while humming the tune of "Let's dance..its' gonna be ok.." by lady ga ga. Simple.

And, simple is also my wish list this week:

  • I wish I could get a seat to sit in the subway every morning (ok, why is this sooo difficult)
  • I wish my excel spreadsheets did not crash -- especially when I have, like, 10 seconds to produce a report
  • I wish there was an ice cream truck parked right in front of my house - everyday!!
  • I wish every rescued animal gets a loving home -- I will definitely resuce a few once I move into my own house
  • I wish there were 30 hours in a day - 20 to laze around in and 10 to do whatever : )

Happy Monday y'all!!


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