Monday, August 24, 2009

Shower Updates and The Wish List

She got up at 6 in the morning and immediately started creating her to do list for the day. Her demeanor was calm, but her hands were singing to the tune of nervousness. Oh, so much to be done, she thought to herself.

First she ran for her hair appointment, and then for her manicure/pedicure appointment. Then she flew to get her makeup done. Yes, Shikha was the queen bee on her shower and left no stones unturned to make things happen the right way, and right on time : )

I joined Shikha at our dear friend Shveta's place who did a fabulous-fabulous job with the makeup. She worked her art with colors - a little splatter her, a little twirl there and some strokes right in the middle -- just like a real pro! Thanks Shveta - Shikha really looked pretty. Oh, and, thanks for my eye make up too...I think I kinda' rocked that like a superstar too!

Before you scroll down for the pictures, here's a quick and cool Wish List for the week:
  • I wish my darling sister the very best as she takes another step closer to being a mother...I can't believe we both have come so far
  • I wish the warmth in the air stays for another month (yeah, I don't mind sweating in a t-shirt..its better than sweating in 5 layers of wool)
  • I wish my mind would stop running at 120mph - phew, its my body that needs that exercise
  • I wish for a manageable load at work -- staring at the computer screen and those gazillion rows of numbers for hours...yikes, everyone looks like a number to me now : )

So now, drum rolls please -- because here are some pictures from the shower. Enjoy!!

good way to start...

Shveta going at it...

havin' a laughin' time as well..

final touches..

gorgeous mom to be...

shikha with papa and dhruv..

guests galore... :)

shikha and dhruv with friends..


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