Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Wish List...and the Evacuation drill

Sorry, the Personal Finance has been delayed for some time, but its coming, so please bear with me.

Ok, today we had evacuation drill at work, and pretty much the entire building had to be evacuated. We have this every year as part of testing the "emergency response" health of the company, and it is necessary, but then, I think, it is not. When I was walking down the stairs, I was w-a-l-k-i-n-g, not running down the 200 odd flights of steps. People were chatting, checking their b-berry or iPhone and were just hanging. I completely understand that because it wasn't a real emergency, so one could take it a bit lightly. But I thought the whole point of this drill was to check how quickly and effectively we could respond to emergency, and I was disappointed that that wasn't how it was done. I wished people were more alert and realized why they were taking part in the evacuation. Well, hopefully, next year when we do this drill, there will be more meaning to it, and less iPhoning.

So, here we are with the weekly wish list (was due yesterday, so a lil' late):
  • I wish I wouldn't get stress pimples...they just. don't. look. good.
  • I wish I could learn to fly a plane...until then I will play it on Wii
  • I wish the MTA bus wouldn't blast the AC like nobody's business - yes, its HOT outside, but who wants to be frozen the next minute
  • I wish I could use the sale coupons before they expired -- oh, I missed out on a great Banana Republic deal
  • I wish people honored their commitments...it feels good then : )
  • I wish I was a character on The Office...yowzza
Just a quick update, remember on one of my Wish lists I had wished for a Canon 5D... guess what? I got myself (ahem, Kartik got me) a Canon 20D SLR - yes!! This baby churns out one smooth pic after another, and I am soo stoked. Proof: wishes do come true : )

Oh, before I leave..I wish for you to get cool n' comfy on this hot Tuesday summer night...sweet dreams : )


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