Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's all about the benjamins baby...

I am a little lazy today so won't type much, but I do want to give you a preview of what I want to write about next: Personal Finance.

Whoa! you might say, where is this coming from? Well, I have been thinking about this topic for quite some time and I feel that there should be an open dialogue on this. We generally don't talk much about money, let alone how to manage it, and that can hurt. Although there are many tips and tools out there, there isn't really a smooth way to take advantage of them. So, I will do my best to make it easier and smoother for you - taking the advantage part, that is. I will put forth a list of objectives, money management websites and quick n' efficient tips that will allow you (yes, including me) to make your financial life healthier. Ever since Shikha and I started our venture, managing our finances has become even more critical, and its better to start now than, say, 10 years later.
You with me? Good, now, show me the money!!!!

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