Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweet Freedom

It was a struggle. A struggle for more than 100 years. Then the itch to get over it became apparent. The itch turned into a full blown rash which spread across the entire body, and then there just had to be a cure. It finally came, yes it did. In the form of freedom. Sweet, lucid, much overdue freedom. But, not after the itch was scratched one too many times.

India became free on August 15, 1947 and so, today marks 62nd birthday of the Independent India. This day has its own charm. This is the day when every person screams of his freedom from his rooftop, but instead of a sound, he uses a kite. A kite that takes to sky like a fish to water, snaking in every direction and announcing its superiority. Until, another one sneeks up on it, wraps its coil smoothly and tugs - flick! The kite is then torn from its string and it starts to sway towards the ground, where the kite hungry street kids are waiting to snap it up, and add it to their collection of fallen kites. Ah!

The day is buzzing with so much energy, that if one listens closely, they can almost hear the pride and happiness resonating in the air.

For this pride, for these kites, and for this sweet freedom, I salute the fallen heroes who made sure India only rises to its glory. Happy Independence Day!!

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