Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To be honest...

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to give an honest opinion? Honest, as in, cold, true, no frills, just plain simple real opinion. Well, I am sure a million times, right? So, what do you do then, tell it like it is or bite your lip before you start dishing out what you really think?

And then how do you feel when someone gives you their honest opinion, yes, cold, true, no frills, just plain simple real opinion?

It is not easy either ways, and like you, I have been in this situation sooo many times. I mean everytime my friend asks me how her profile picture looks, I am torn between whether to tell her like it is and hurt her or sugar coat her love handles and not make her feel bad about herself. The way I approach such situations (and I am lucky when everything just flows smoothly) is to decide the person and situation in question. Now, don't get my wrong, when I say I base my decision on the person, I don't mean to discriminate. I'll be honest - I have fluffed my opinions even for my sis Shikha because when I see her eyes lighting up with excitement on trying out an outfit or on picking that modern vase, I just cannot bring myself to tell her "yeah, but not sure if you are arms are made for that kinda' dress" or "umm, yeah, that vase would go well with your bathroom decor" - I just can't do it.

But, then there are times,when both my mind and mouth are wired to tell the truth - you know one of those days. And, nothing will stop me from telling it like it is :)

Oh, and how do I feel when I am on the receiving end? Oh, don't even go there. If my sister or friend tells me that I am leaning on the heavier side - even in the nicest sweetest words - well, I just pretend I did not hear it or that they were talking about someone else...simple! Yeah, its' that brutal people!!

But, here's how I would like to sum up this whole give and take scenario - know that if you or your best friend has best intentions at heart - then an honest opinion should be the way to go - but, if layering it up a bit with some sweetness will not hurt anyone's future prospects, then by all means - just go with the full bag of sugar.

There -- said it like it is!! : )


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