Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yuck, no way, I say and make a disgusting face. I cannot be spotted in those...they make me look like an old aunty, I whine again.

That was me 4 years ago.

Oh, I cannot do without them, they are so comfortable, I say with a complacent look on my face. Be quiet, they are soo pretty, I whine again.

That's me now.

Well, nothing much has changed except my perception of them. And, I am talking about sneakers people.

Yes, believe it or not, I did not own a pair back then...somehow, I just didn't want one. To me they looked like a christmas sweatshirt with a big reindeer smiling in the center -- a fashion faux pas that I wouldn't dare commit. I would rather shimmy down the road in those gorgeous heels, while my soles burnt and my toes got massacred with corns.

But, then something invisible transpired and am now loaded with 2 kick-ass sneakers and can't do without them. Like, seriously. And, it gets better - today I bought myself a pair of Teva Sandals. Hello, comfort. I can't even think of breathing another moment without them. So comfy and so me. Umm...did I just confess something here??

Well, check out my feet's new best friends.

On a totally separate note, I do want to share 2 events that stood out for me today
  • A colleague of mine dropped by my office, and we started chit-chatting. And, somehow the conversation got steered towards lotto (hey, do you know megamillions is $207 million - yowza) and she said that she is just waiting for her win to happen this time. She will then retire, buy a new house, buy her family everything they need and then invest the rest. I looked at her while she was saying this and I almost felt it was me talking. I mean its funny how we share common dreams with people, and some dreams can be so exact. I smiled when she completed her sentence and simply responded with "same here."
Here's to dreams that give us hope, dreams that make us smile :)

  • While walking towards the subway, I came across a delivery man (Chinese, maybe in his late 30s) who was pushing his scooter because it had died down. He had the food package tied nicely to the hook underneath the scooter's handles so that it wouldn't spill. He was still wearing the helmet - I guess he thought that that would kick start the scooter automatically or maybe that gave him hope. But, then my eyes stopped on his face, and I saw pain mixed with intense warmth of a hot evening. His eyes said that he did not belong in this situation on this day -- hot blistering day, wearing a helmet and pushing a dead scooter. His eyes said that he was not meant to be a delivery man but to be a master of his life. And just like that, I prayed to god to make all his dreams come true and give him so much happiness that he wouldn't have to have that pain anymore. Oh, I would share my mega millions win with him...that's what I thought.
If it can be sneakers, it can surely be mega millions -- hey, you never know.


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