Monday, August 3, 2009

The Wish List and...Mistake

So, I made a mistake. I am a human, and I had to make one, right? But, it is not the mistake that I was most upset about, it was how I reacted to it. Right from the moment it was determined that I had indeed made an "oopsie", I immediately became silent and went on this "thought mode." I was so silent, that it bothered Kartik, who kept saying, "Why are you being so hard on yourself, just let it go and see what you can learn from it." Trust me, I accepted immediately that I had made a mistake, and even knew I wouldn't be repeating this again, but something about it kept bothering me and I couldn't shrug off the feeling.

A lot of searching, questioning later, I realized I was upset about the fact that I had made a mistake - aka - that I had perpetrated an act of doing something not right. Yes, me and mistake in the same sentence in the same breath---oooh, how could I be so stupid ---ooh, how could that happen! Yup, that was what was eating me up and after spending quite a few hours of being horribly silent and irritating the hell out of Kartik (sorry sweets, I couldn't help it then, but thank you for putting up with it), I had to bring myself down to earth and calm my sweet nerves.

Now, you would say, ofcourse Shivi you would have made other mistakes, is that how you react all the time? And, the answer is a resounding No. Its just that I was in this situation for the first time and I was so confident that I would take care of it in the best way. And, when I did not, and I realized that I had made a mistake, that's when my confidence shook and I did not take it lightly as I should have. Anyhow, I am fine now...I realize that however smart and right I want to be at all times and in all situations (including new ones), I won't really be. And, the best way is to be a little light on myself, learn from it, and move my focus to the present. I will watch myself, I promise, I will...I am a human after all : )

And, so here we are with the weekly wish list:

  • I wish I would not make any mistakes...hehhee, got you!! : )
  • I wish I would not think about food the day I am fasting...oh, those Wendy and Taco Bell ads totally kill me then
  • I wish people would stay optimist and positive about the economy - because that's what will get us through, really
  • I wish I had bought those Marc Jacobs shoes at Macys --- those heels were so yumm
  • I wish there were new episodes of Family Guy - everyday!!!
  • I wish people would drive with more patience and less rage -- would make everyone's life a lot easier and definitly a lot safer
That's all from me -- have a happy super Monday.


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