Friday, August 7, 2009

Little things that rock

I am a very simple person at heart, and anyone who knows me, can confirm this 100% for sure. I get kick out of little things in life, and thats all I need to make my day(s).

For instance, receiving emails of encouragement and appreciation (for Banno Raani and totally unexpected) from my amazing friends plasters my face with such a big smile, that I can almost pass for Bozo, the clown. Hot cuppa' tea on a Saturday morning in bed makes me feel amazingly blessed. Those cute cartoons in Sunday newspaper always throw me in a tizzy and am laughing like a kid. Buying comfy n' colorful foam slippers from CVS makes me feel like such a diva.

So, you wanna' know what rocked my day today? Well, see for yourself.


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