Thursday, October 29, 2009


2 pictures - 2 very different takes on advertising/marketing...

This is a small burger and fries truck - with a rather long lunch line! Best part, its parked right in front of McDonalds! So, what is their strategy - come, taste the home-cooked meal, and spread the word! Love it!

Now, on to the second one, an ad I found stuck on the subway map in one of the train cars...

Did you just see? Did you? It said "Flyer Distributer" and "Interview" on the same sheet of paper. Hmmph!!! Let's also understand its strategy -  for the part-time position and for the kind of job, its a) paying a high salary b) talking about training c) referring to an interview d) showing the scarcity of the positions available

Now, I am not judging either of their strategies, all I am doing is pointing out two very different ways of getting the word out. Well, I could give you my view, but I want you to decide which one's making a stronger impact on you.

Happy Thursday! And, ofcourse, big warm hugs!! :)

ps. I sneaked in time to write this as the Yankees vs. Phillies battle it out...go Yankees!!


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