Monday, October 26, 2009

To the Man after my own heart - Happy Birthday

When I first saw him, I liked they way he had matched a formal blue striped shirt with faded jeans When I first spoke to him, I liked the smooth slow way he talked, as if every word out of his mouth had to be crisp, cool and meaningful. When I first went out with him, I liked his chivalry and his manners. I was smitten in the most perfect way and there was no looking back.

In the years that I have known him, I have only grown to love him and respect him more with each tick of the clock :) He is so kind and thoughtful that I am amazed everytime he offers to help someone with moving and packing boxes, with dropping them off to the airport or picking them up, with helping them plan their financial dreams...if you were to ever call him with any question/concern, he would just drive up to your place and sort it all out for you...not hemming & hawwing or skirting the issue with excuses. Yup, thats Kartik! At times I pray to God to imbue me with some of his qualities because truly I want to become a better human being like him...someone whose heart and soul are so pure that there is just love and more love emanating constantly!

Today is Kartik's Birthday and I want to take this blog space to give a huge shout to my fabulous, handsome, loving and adorable husband for being such an inspiration, such a true friend and such a wonderful life partner!

Happy Birthday Kartik - may God shower you with his finest blessings because truly, you deserve only the best. May all your treasured dreams come true and you continue to prosper and be healthy all your life! I love you soo much and these wishes come from the bottomest bottom of my heart!! I am very proud of who you are, what you have accomplished and where you are headed in life, and I am so glad that I am a part of that journey as well! :)

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

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