Friday, October 23, 2009

Do and be

I firmly believe we all have huge potential to do and be whatever we want to do and be. Any and/or all restrictions sits in our minds - if we think we cannot, we won't work as hard and so really, we would not! We generally are not prepped to exhaust our full potential unless the going gets tough...and that really is the case.

On Animal Planet, there is a show called I Am Alive, and that show exhibits precisely this power, the will to not give up. I love this story...a young man was being mauled by 3 huge lions, the paw of the head of the pack sitting right on his face, while the other 2 sweetly tugging on his leg. But, he knew this wasn't the end of his existence. He knew he would make it through. And to cut long story short, he not just survived, he truly became alive. And in his interview, he admitted that the minute he made up his mind that he would survive, everything else just fell into place.

I wanted to share this with you as an example of the power of your mind...wanted to showcase the strength you possess. This is just uno example , but if you look around you will find plenty.

I am also sharing this because it serves as a personal reminder to me that my full potential lies in my willingness to believe. Yes, it is me who needs to come out of any self imposed restrictions I may have to do and be whatever I want to do and be. I am also putting this out here so I am accountable for taking small steps towards some big changes in my life. :)


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