Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Janamdin Mubarak

I think I felt jealous of her when I saw her. We looked nothing like each other. I was dark with thick black hair, and she was fair skinned with light golden hair...almost like a doll I owned. But, this doll moved and made far too much noise. And, because of her, mom had stopped giving me her undivided attention. Something did not feel right. Did she belong in our family? Who was she? Why was Dad holding her like his own. Confusions of a toddler. Yup, that was me then, trying to understand and accept the birth of my younger sister.

Through the years, our relationship has traversed its own sweet phase...or rather phases.

When we were both young and she had just begun to speak, I was the only one who could understand her "made up" language. Mom and Dad used to look at me for direction - was she asking for a candy or her new barbie...was she hungry or did she want to play? And, then when her speech became clear, she did not waste a minute to telltale on me. I used to hate her for being mom's pet, and did not share my toys with her.

In high school, we focused on very different things, and had very little in common. Yet, we were these silly girls who laughed on each other's stupid jokes, played pranks on Bauji, wore trendy outfits and oiled each other's hair. We were close in our relationship yet far apart in our emotions.

In college, we were each other's back and totally shared our struggles and successes. We just couldn't manage without each other --hey, we even ended up working in the same office! She was more like an elder sister to me for she had answers to the questions that plagued my existence. She always made it better for me, and we still remained silly girls laughing on each other's stupid jokes!

So, why am I writing all this? Because I want to catch these memories, put them in a glass jar as if they were light bugs and stare at them for a little while longer. Because I want to retrace how my lil' sister has grown into this gorgeous, smart and inspirational woman whom I am so proud to be associated with. And, because today is her birthday.

Shikha, Happy Birthday sweetheart -- you are wonderful sister and an awesome human being. I am so lucky to have you and I cannot say enough how you have made my life better! Janamdin Mubarak!!! Wishing you the very best that life has to offer!

Umm, and yeah, you know that I am still kinda' jealous of you {in a nice way ofcourse!} :)

Much love and Hugs!


  1. soo beautifully you weave your thougts into words ...keep writing ..keep roking :)

  2. thank you so much. will keep this going!!



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