Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eavesdropping a Teddy Bear

I was exhausted by the end of the day today, so when I was waiting for Kartik at the train station, I just let my mind wander and mix in with the surrounding. A 'big' and healthy guy was seated next to me on my left and he was talking to a girl. The station was a bit quiet after 2 trains that left, taking with them the raucous hammering of steel wheels on iron tracks {Thank God!!}. So, I just sat waiting in silence and could almost hear what the big guy and the girl were talking about. No, I wasn't eavesdropping darlings, I just couldn't help their words from taking a house in my ears.
So, what were they talking about? Class, homework, what to eat, where to know the usual stuff you talk about when in college. But, with the way the girl was talking, it seemed that they had just met. Then just as I thought their conversation was ending, the girl blurted, "You are a big guy. You are like a teddy bear. I like that. You know I have 68 teddys at home, and you are like one of them. You are a big guy." And, then she laughed with a snort. O-no-she dien't!!! She didn't just say that to a guy whom she met for the first time!!! And, then snorted!!! Oh, mercy mercy mercccyy!! Follies of a young heart! I couldn't help but smile to myself, and I think I may have let out a lil' snort of my own :)

Subway, I tell you, is a sweet place for eavesdropping without even trying!!


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