Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Oh, how sometimes people amaze me with their antics!

The weather was yucky as I walked towards the train (well, honestly, the weather was like that all through the day). Rain was everywhere - in the hidden street corners of downtown, under the huge canopy of Autumn Blaze Maple trees that lined the streets, around the edges of a scaffolding - if you wanted to escape it for an inch, you couldn't possibly do that. Inspite of a heavy duty umbrella hovering over my head, big droplets of water found a way to splash on my tender cheeks, on my already frizzy hair and on my semi-soaked trench. Yes, rain was everywhere! And, then the wind, I forgot about the wind. The clever, slimy wind - snaking its way under my clothes, through a tightly wound scarf on my neck, and freezing the very core of my being -verrry sneaky wind! So, while I was putting on a balancing act of holding an umbrella with one hand, and pushing away tendrils of fallen hair (thanks to Wind) on my face with another,  and holding on to my handbag (heavy with a lunch box, water bottle and an extra pair of sandals that I had to carry today)  with a non-existent third limb... a sight caught my eye. 

Walking past me was a man young man, letting the rain cling to every inch of his body, while he used his folded umbrella to scratch his back. Sccrraatch-ssccraatch - yeah, thats the sound the umbrella made when  I crossed him. Rain and wind had nothing on him!

Did I mention - people amaze me with their antics sometime?


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