Monday, October 12, 2009

Buzzing and Zipping

While the world whizzes past me, I sit in silence, reflecting on my life - where I am and where I would like to be.

Today was one of those days which required me to do such an introspection. I had to calm my buzzing mind and my zipping nerves to focus on where I was strolling with this life. I would be lying if I told you that the answers came to me with the ease of a pre-approved credit card junk mail - CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED TO MAKE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!! JUST SIGN BELOW AND MAIL BACK WITHIN 30 DAYS FOR A SMALL ANNUAL CHARGE OF $85....Thank you, LIFE BANK Co.

Oh, if I had gotten one of these offers in the mail, I would have signed and mailed it in a heartbeat - not caring for the charges in the fine print. But, life is no junk mail. It is a registered post sent to you by a very important and sacred person up there.

So, what did I do to honor today's introspection? I took out my notebook, tapped unrhythmically on its empty pages with my pencil, then hemmed & hawed for a few seconds and finally jotted down my goals for the remainder of 2009 as well as for 2010, because I knew if I wrote them, I would in essence write my destiny and work hard at making it come true. I almost felt like a protective parent, making sure that whatever these loud words/long sentences wanted, I would give it to them.

And just as I ended the final sentence with a poignant, deep and almost perfectly rounded period - the buzzing of my mind and zipping of my nerves resumed. But, I did nothing to stop them - I just sat there... feeling a bit free, a bit happy, a bit overwhelmed and a bit blessed to have come this far :)

Ok, its getting a bit cold now, so here's wishing you a warm n' cozy night...and Thank God for fleece pajamas!!!


ps. I know Monday's are a Weekly Wish list day - but I am taking a break from it for a lil' while. I promise I will resume this feature soon.

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