Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meaty Mammoth

I confess, I am on a reading binge again! And here's a snapshot of what will be stuck to my hands and frozen in front of my eyes for the rest of the week...Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

Gregory (the author) escaped from a prison in Australia after being arrested for multiple robberies and then found asylum in Bombay (now Mumbai, India). While in Bombay, he joined the underworld mafia, killed people, opened a free medical clinic, fled to Germany and got arrested there again. Shantaram was born out of a tumultuous and torrid love affair of life with death in the grim cells of Germany.

Do you feel the nerves here?? Oh, this is going to be awesome!

I can't wait to start and finish this novel so I can share my views with you. In the meantime, Ladies and Gentleman, feast your eyes on this meaty mammoth...

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