Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Deepawali

Every year when Deepawali or Diwali (as commonly known) rolled around, I was one happy kid. It was time for a new dress, new bedsheets {not that I did not change them regularly, but these ones were extra special and extra colorful} and ofcourse, new hairdo. Life was just smooth during this festival, and the whole world, a better place! :)

The day usually started with mini prayers at home, and then we got busy in cleaning the house. Shikha and I took joy in arranging diyas on the balcony sill, around the staircase and in every room. Then we went crazy decorating the house with beautiful and bright marigold flowers - aaahh, marigold! They always managed to make my heart smile. Then Ma took out 'new' utensils that were, until then, packed up nicely in clearwrap and stored in these huge steel trunks. Yes, there were things that were purely Diwali special, and came out only once a year.

During the afternoon and into the evening, Papa would take Ma, Shikha and I to our relatives and friends place for sweets/gifts giving. I really enjoyed this part for it allowed me to meet soo many people in just one day, and to also be treated to yumm sweets and more (Note: 2-3 days prior to Diwali, we were the receivers of such sweets/gifts).

We usually would be done around 5pm ish and on the way back home, Papa would buy us sooo many firecrackers. I remember, I used to go crazy picking different types of firecrackers - anar, golabumb, phooljhari, chakri, 3000 pathaka ladhri, black snake. Then, when we got home, and it had gotten a bit dark, Shikha and I used to rush out to light up all the diyas that we had placed earlier in the day. Such light...such joy!

After formal Diwali prayers, we would have dinner (often we had few friends or relatives over for Diwali) and then we would run downstairs to burst crackers until dawn! Yes, thats how long and loud the celebrations lasted. And, I l-0-v-e-d every moment of this!

It used to be the same drill every year, but I found such warmth and comfort in this consistency! :)

Although, Diwali is not as intricate or as loud as it was in India, I still love this festival. Something about the combination of marigolds, diyas and sweets puts me in a very good mood.

Wishing all of you and very Happy and Prosperous Diwali !


ps. will post pics soon!!

*** Update: See below for some pics from Diwali

Uncle, Shikha and Dhruv - prayers

Papa - having a laugh at a joke his friend sent..

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